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Terms and Conditions

The 2013 East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) Conference is an event planned by the ECAASU 2013 Conference board, one of the three boards that make up the 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU).

ECAASU exists to inspire, educate and empower those interested in Asian Pacific Islander American (APA) Issues. ECAASU aims to strengthen Asian American student organizations through intercollegiate communication in order to advance the social and educational needs of Asian American students, advance the social equality of minorities by eliminating prejudice and discrimination and to promote community-building and mutual understanding among Asian Americans of different nationalities and with all people of color.

Participation in the ECAASU 2013 Conference:

- Admittance to the conference (workshops, networking events, social events, etc) and ceremonies is strictly limited to paid attendees, volunteers, and conference board members. Since seating is limited, seating is first-come, first-serve.

- ECAASU will not distribute any personal or confidential information to other entities. ECAASU will also not collect any credit card information as this will all be collected through a separate entity, PayPal. Should there be any concerns with credit card privacy, please contact PayPal.

- Unless you have received confirmation of housing via our hosting system or the Hudson Hotel, we are not responsible for finding housing for you. Moreover, we cannot be held responsible for your travel arrangements and/or issues you encounter when traveling to New York.

- We are not responsible for any miscommunication via e-mail caused by your e-mail server (including but not limited to information being sent to spam folder, incorrect forwarding of e-mail, or incorrect e-mail entered in registration).

- We are not responsible for providing wifi in any way. Furthermore, you are not allowed to tamper with the wifi network in any way.

Code of Conduct:

- You, the conference attendee, are held responsible for any and all actions that occur in the hotel and on the Columbia/Barnard campus. You are expected to behave in the best manner possible for the entire duration of the conference.

- You must respect property and personnel of the Hudson Hotel, or the hotel you choose to stay in as well as all University property and personnel. Registration for the hotel is final- you may purchase travel insurance should you feel that you cannot attend or will not stay in the hotel. As per New York State Law & Columbia policy, no smoking inside (or within 20 feet of any Columbia) building. Moreover, we are not responsible for loss or damage to personal property.

Photographs, Film and Video Recordings:

- ECAASU is entitled to take photographs, make films or video recordings of events during the conference, and use these for advertising purposes or for publication in the media. Unless you have given explicit notice in advance that you do not want to be recorded in any form, we will assume that it is acceptable to have media cover this conference.

Payment Terms:

- ECAASU will not issue any refunds after a purchase has gone through. However, we will allow for registration tickets to be transferred to another person, but only after properly notifying the registration committee of the transfer and confirmation of transfer is sent to both the old ticket holder and new ticket holder.

- ECAASU also holds a limited amount of tickets at each registration level (Early Bird, Regular, and Late), so the price of your registration ticket may jump to higher price if tickets at the lower level run out during your registration.

- You can pay in a lump sum through PayPal using your credit card.

- Should you choose to pay via check, you must e-mail the day you send the check notifying us the date it is postmarked as well as the amount on the check. The day you write out the check, the amount you pay should equal the current price listed on the website*number of attendees you have sent over.


- It is agreed that neither ECAASU nor any of its individual board members nor any of its sponsors shall have any liability or responsibility for any personal injury, property damage or other loss suffered by a conference participant resulting from the action or inaction of any person other than a board member of ECAASU.

- It in the event of, or likelihood of, any circumstances that may create an extraordinary risk of injury or damage, ECAASU shall have the right at its sole discretion to determine the course of action to be followed.

- This application for registration, when signed by a participant, shall serve as an agreement between ECAASU and the conference participant, and shall indicate that the Conditions of this Conference Registration Agreement have been read and understood by the delegate. ECAASU reserves the right to consider as incomplete any registration submitted without signature.

By checking the box below and registering, I confirm that I have read, understood and accept, the ECAASU Terms and Conditions upon completion of ECAASU Registration. I accept that ECAASU has the right to ask any delegate to leave ECAASU without refund or explanation, if they are in breach of its Terms & Conditions.

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