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The East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU) is a national, nonprofit intercollegiate Asian-Pacific American advocacy organization and is the largest and oldest conference in the country for Asian American students.

The mission of ECAASU is to:

  • STRENGTHEN Asian American student organizations through intercollegiate communication to serve the educational and social needs of Asian American students
  • ADVANCE the social equality of minorities by eliminating prejudice and discrimination, defending human and civil rights, and combating racism and hate crimes through activities permissible under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code
  • ENCOURAGE Asian Americans to participate in the political and electoral process through nonpartisan voter education/registration and “get out the vote” drives
  • PROMOTE community-building and understanding among Asian Americans with different nationalities and people of color

The current ECAASU has three main governing and executive bodies:
  • Directorate (the Board of Directors): Each director sits on this board for at least 3 years. The Board of Directors provide a long term vision for ECAASU and to advise the National and Conference Board on their projects.
  • National Board: The National Board oversees all ECAASU Activities throughout the year, organizing projects throughout the year related to advocacy of various issues affecting Asian Americans, mixers and workshops at various regions along the East coast, alumni events, and the annual conference itself.
  • Conference Board: The Conference Board is selected by the ECAASU Directorate each year, and is comprised of a team of students from the host school. The Conference Board’s purpose is to plan an awesome conference each year.

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Theme: Within, Across, Beyond

Within. At the 2013 Conference, we want to take a step back and examine the state of the APA community. We want to encourage reflection on what it means to be Asian American, expose the multidimensional nature of the APA experience, and inspire our peers to act upon what they feel, think and experience as members of the APA community.

Across. There exists strength in numbers. This conference aims to increase dialogue between individuals of different cultural identities, from different geographical locations and with different experiences. We hope to build connections and form coalitions across perceived boundaries.

Beyond. The Asian American identity is one that is constantly being recreated and we are the generation to build it. We aim to have students reflect on what they can do for their community and encourage the APA community to explore ideas and opportunities beyond the traditional and established. We want our attendees to think critically and leave knowing they speak with the intention of being heard.

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In 1977, 150 Asian American students gathered at Yale University to develop the Inter-Collegiate Liaison Committee (ICLC), the nation’s first intercollegiate Asian American student conference and organization. The ICLC rallied Asian American students against the Allan Bakke decision in 1978. Later that year, at the “Asian Student Unity” conference at Princeton University, 275 students from 35 colleges choose to rename the ICLC and form the East Coast Asian Student Union (ECASU) to increase communication and provide mutual support to Asian American student organizations across campuses against such issues such as the Allan Bakke decision.

While originally founded in the late 70’s in the midst of a conservative backlash, ECASU has withstood the ups and downs over the past 30 years. For details about ECASU’s growth in the 70’s and 80’s, please visit the ECAASU Timeline. In 2004, after 27 conferences at 20 different college campuses, the annual conference was again renamed to its current designation as the East Coast Asian American Student Union (ECAASU).

Now, after 36 conferences and 36 years of uninterrupted growth, ECAASU is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and annually attracts over 1000 students to its annual conference. ECAASU remains the oldest and largest Asian American student organizations in the nation and the ECAASU conference is one of the most preeminent collegiate student conferences in the world.

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Meet the Team

Hover over the Board member names to get to meet the team!

Programming Committee

Jiawen Tang, Sam Zeller, Julia Koo, Moeko Nakada, Stella Zhao

Programming Committee

Julia Koo

Programming Chair

Julia Koo Portrait
Julia Koo Headshot

Julia is currently a junior at Barnard College majoring in American History. While programming chair of ECAASU 2013, she is also the co-director of the New York City Asian American Student Conference. She is a major history buff that enjoys exploring the city, trying new cuisines, and going to cultural performances. Julia is interested in how first and second generation Asian Americans integrate their traditional ethnic culture with the new american culture that they encounter. If she could do anything, she would like to go on a trip to all 7 continents in the world.

Jiawen Tang

Programming Associate Chair

Jiawen Tang Headshot

Jiawen Tang is currently a sophomore in Columbia College majoring in Economics-Political Science. Born and raised in China before moving to Rhode Island, she joined ECAASU to advocate for Asian American issues and reach out to a broader audience beyond the Columbia community. Jiawen is very passionate about Asian American civil rights, immigration issues, environmental justice and coalition building between communities. When she is not fulfilling her duties as Associate Chair of the Programming Committee, she can be found amidst Columbia International Relations Council and Association or Columbia Asian American Alliance. In her free time, Jiawen enjoys dancing and exploring New York City for delicious treats. She is excited to be part of the 36th annual ECAASU conference and looks forward to meeting you all in February!

Jiawen Tang Portrait

Moeko Nakada

Programming Associate Chair

Moeko Nakada Portrait
Moeko Nakada Headshot

Moeko Nakada is a sophomore at Barnard College double majoring in Psychology and Women’s Studies and she is also pre-medicine. She is a native of the phenomenal city of Tokyo, but has divided her childhood between Japan and the United States. Due to her dual upbringing, Moeko offers a unique perspective on Asians and Asian Americans. She is especially curious about issues concerning Asian American women and their roles in families, Asian American parenting, and biracial Asian Americans and their identities. Outside of ECAASU, Moeko is involved with Columbia Japan Society, Blue Key Society, and Liberty in North Korea. Moeko loves pugs, airports, winter, and running on a treadmill. Her dreams are to become a psychiatrist for women, to live near a subway system with her pug, and to travel to the Amalfi Coast!

Melanie Gao


Melanie Gao Headshot

Melanie Gao is currently a junior at Columbia College double majoring in East Asian Language and Cultures (EALAC) and Biology. Aside from ECAASU, she is also Vice President of Columbia's Asian American Alliance (AAA) and Senior Advisor for Columbia's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month (APAHM). Melanie is involved in these organizations because raising an awareness of Asian American issues and promoting social consciousness is important to her. In her free time, she enjoys teaching, reading, wandering museums and exploring NYC.

Melanie Gao Portrait

Entertainment Committee

Genevieve Chow, Kevin Zhang, Elisha Lee, Annie Lin, Jaclyn Fu

Entertainment Committee

Genevieve Chow

Entertainment Co-Chair

Genevieve Chow Portrait
Genevieve Chow Headshot

Genevieve Chow is a senior at Columbia University, studying for a B.A. in Economics-Mathematics, and originally from Brookline, Massachusetts. Upon graduation, she will be joining Morgan Stanley as an analyst in the Investment Banking Division, where she interned this past summer. During the school year, she interns at Restorsea, a luxury skincare start-up. On campus, she is involved with Smart Woman Securities, an organization focused on promoting the finance education of undergraduate women. As one of the directors of Chinese Students Club Connect, Genevieve works to run the family-style mentorship program that caters to the undergraduate population. She is also a proud sister of alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sorority at Cornell University, from which she transferred after freshman year. In her spare time, she enjoys rock-climbing, photography and cooking.

Her interest in Asian American issues began with her involvement with the grassroots organization, Chinese Progressive Association, back in Boston as a participant in their summer leadership program, Chinese Youth Initiative. Through this association, she helped to promote volunteer opportunities at her high school, such as ESL tutoring. Genevieve hopes to combine this dedicated interest with her love for planning and organizing events to make ECAASU 2013 a truly amazing event for the collegiate Asian American population to remember.

Kevin Zhang

Entertainment Co-Chair

Kevin Zhang Headshot

Kevin Zhang is a current junior at Columbia University studying Financial Engineering with concentrations in Economics and Applied Math. He is originally from Naperville, a suburb to the west of Chicago. Kevin also spent a lot of time in Shanghai, where he attended a public middle school there for 4 years. He considers himself very fortunate to have had the opportunity to explore his roots and learn more about his culture. Kevin is looking to pursue a career in finance. He previously interned at CME Group as a Quantitative Risk Analyst. He currently holds 3 jobs as a teaching assistant for the Math Department, administrative aide at the East Asian Department, and academic tutor for Columbia’s tutoring agency. On campus, he is also an active member of the Undergraduate Math Society and Pre-Law Society. He is also the Vice President of the Columbia University Associate Chapter of Pi Delta Psi.

His first real exposure to the topic of Asian American inequality and concerns was at ECAASU 2012 at Duke University. The conference brought to light many problems that Asian Americans face that he had never realized before. After the conference, he joined the ECAASU board at Columbia so he could help promote increased awareness for Asian American issues. Oh, and to make sure that the attendees at ECAASU 2013 will get to see the hottest performers, attend an awesome formal gala, and rage at the craziest after-party in NYC.

Kevin Zhang Portrait

Logistics/Admin Committee

Jinny Yoo, Sophie Qian, Angel Chen, Jessica Li, Annie Hsieh

Logistics Admin Committee

Angel Chen

Logistics/Admin Co-Chair

Angel Chen Portrait
Angel Chen Headshot

Logistics and Administration co-chair of ECAASU 2013. Columbia College class of '13 (a wrinkly senior) majoring in Urban Studies with a concentration in Biology. Pre-medicine. Served as service chair of Columbia Asian American Alliance '11 to '12. Involved in Health and Education for Asian Livers (H+EAL) with a mission to educate immigrant populations in the NYC area about hepatitis B. From Queens, NY. Graduated Stuyvesant HS class of '09. Interested in public health and public spaces. Fond of Greek yogurt and travel.

Harrison Liew

Logistics/Admin Co-Chair

Harrison Liew Headshot

Harrison is a 40 year old man in a 19 year old's body. That is all.

Actually, Harrison is a sophomore Electrical Engineering major and Economics minor. He has an avid interest in cars, cycling, violin, and photography (which he spends too much time doing in college). Born in London but raised in New Jersey, ECAASU is his first dip into Asian American advocacy and issues. He enjoys very much being stressed out by logistical nightmares and dealing with Columbia's infamous bureaucracy.

When he is not engulfed by ECAASU, Harrison also serves as the Treasurer for Columbia's Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, a board member of Columbia's IEEE chapter, a photographer and videographer for the Columbia Spectator, and an Electronics team member in Columbia's Formula SAE club.

In his free time, Harrison enjoys keeping up with the latest automotive news, cycling in the snow, traveling across the globe, and fiddling with his gigantic laptop. Harrison is excited to make this year's ECAASU conference as smooth and as an enjoyable an experience as possible!

Harrison Liew Portrait

Tina Kit


Tina Kit Portrait
Tina Kit Headshot

Originally from Lowell, Massachusetts, Tina Kit transferred from University of Massachusetts Amherst to Columbia University her sophomore year, where she studies Operations Research-Engineering Management Systems. Her major has allowed her to work on cool projects like "Minimizing the MTA's Paratransit System's Cost by Finding the Most Optimal Stations to Make Handicap Accessible," and she is hoping to pursue a similarly cool, analytical career after graduation. On campus, she is involved with two student organizations, Asian American Alliance and SEADS (Southeast Asian Development and Service) in Cambodia. She has Asian American Alliance to thank for making her so passionately angry about Asian American issues and will forever be thankful for the opportunity to be a part of such an amazing board. Moreover, she has had the opportunity to help and see SEADS grow to over 300 general body members and is excited to see that the Service Project in Cambodia will finally happen along with our very first Social Enterprise series. Outside of her extracurriculars, she spends her days waiting for the red light on her blackberry to blink so that she can respond to that e-mail/text/bbm/facebook notification ASAP, but even if the red light isn't blinking, she is probably typing up an e-mail regarding ECAASU anyways.

tl;dr ECAASU is taking over her life, but its okay because she believes in ECAASU's mission and thinks that it is really important that Asian Americans (or any member of a marginalized community) have the opportunity to discuss, share and voice their experiences as members or allies of a marginalized community.

Tech Committee

Jason Suh, Albert Pan, Bou Lee, James Wen

Tech Committee

James Wen

Tech Chair

James Wen Headshot

James Wen is currently a Columbia College sophomore seeking to major in Computer Science with a minor in Business Management. He recently switched from a career in Biological Research to trying to strike into the Tech Startup scene. At Columbia, he is heavily involved with the Asian American Alliance (AAA) and web development.

A heavy bulk of his current time is spent tweaking the ECAASU website (he would love to hear your input and criticisms of the site! Shoot him an email at and responding to a never-ending flow of registration emails. Nevertheless, thus far, he loves doing his part to sustain the ECAASU 2013 Conference and wouldn't give it up for anything.

He loves to ski and board and feels truly at home on the powdery slopes of the Poconos and Killington. In his spare time, he likes to box, code, rage, and enjoy the hell out of his life while he's still young.

Twitter: RochesterinNYC

LinkedIn: James Wen

James Wen Portrait

Fundraising Committee

Andrew Yu, Chloe Ruan, Beatrice Di Francesco, David Kang, Risti Kim, SonYon Song

Fundraising Committee

Chloe Ruan

Fundraising Co-Chair

Chloe Ruan Portrait
Chloe Ruan Headshot

Chloe Ruan is currently a senior at Columbia majoring in Financial Engineering. She is the Fundraising Co-Chair of the ECAASU Columbia Conference Board, as well as the Treasurer of the Activities Board at Columbia.

Andrew Yu

Fundraising Associate Chair

Andrew Yu Portrait
Andrew Yu Headshot

Andrew Yu was raised in Sudbury, MA and is currently a sophomore at Columbia University. He is a Political Science major who hopes to find a career in criminal justice. Apart from being Co-Chair of Fundraising for ECAASU, he is the Vice-President of Pi Delta Psi, Inc.

He grew up playing classical piano and has abroad under Professor Shin Su Jung at South Korea. He has performed at Carnegie Hall and has won several international piano competitions. During high school he was Captain of the Varsity Soccer team for 2 years and Captain of the Varsity Basketball team his senior year. As a Boston native, his favorite basketball team is the Celtics and has faith that they will one day win another championship.

Divya Singh

Fundraising Associate Chair

Divya Singh Headshot

Divya Singh is a junior majoring in Applied Physics and minoring in Applied Math at Columbia University. In addition to assisting in fundraising efforts as a Fundraising Associate Chair on the ECAASU Conference Board, he has demonstrated leadership on campus through work with the Columbia Associate Chapter of Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, Inc. and collaborating with the board with Delta GDP, the Growth and Development Project.

Divya is a frequent traveler and enjoys spending the few vacations he receives overseas. Most recently, he has spent time in Brazil, Mauritius, and India, the only two countries being left on the bucket list being Australia and Antarctica. He is a skateboarder, former competitive eater, and football player, and his interests include outer space and dinosaurs.

Divya Singh Portrait

Derrick Fu


Derrick Fu Portrait
Derrick Fu Headshot

Derrick D. Fu is an NJ native and a senior majoring in Political Science at Columbia University. On Columbia’s campus, Derrick has earned a King’s Crown Leadership Award by improving and reinventing every organization he’s been a part of, having served as president of his graduating class, fraternity, and hockey club. He was recently selected to sit on Columbia University’s Office of Multicultural Affairs Advisory Board, a group comprised of a broad-representation of Columbia undergraduate students who work collectively to promote a campus environment of inclusion, self-awareness, intercultural engagement, and social responsibility, among other aims. Beyond his work on campus, Derrick co-founded Global China Connection, a student-run organization dedicated to fostering deep and trusting personal relationships among Chinese and non-Chinese university students, and created the GCC network, which now spans 60 university chapters and 5,000+ members across 4 continents.

Derrick is a confessed Youtube addict, classically-trained pianist and avid cook/food enthusiast.

PR-Marketing Committee

Venkat Kausik, Jackie Ho, Annie Shi, Linda Sun

Venkat Kausik

PR-Marketing Co-Chair

Venkat Kausik Headshot

Venkat Kausik is a native New Yorker and senior majoring in Financial Economics and concentrating in Philosophy at Columbia University. In addition to being Co-PR Chair of ECAASU, Venkat is President of CU Liberty in North Korea, a humanitarian organization that combats the North Korean Refugee Crisis. He is also a Senior Advisor of the Multicultural Business Association and has twice been an intern in the CU Internship in Building Community.

Venkat joined ECAASU because he believes that the APIA community can and should have a strong and empowered voice on our campuses. He hopes that by hearing from others’ perspectives and critically evaluating how we regard APIA issues in society, we can combat obstacles that APIA and other minority communities have faced in the past. Also, he’s looking forward to getting to meet the range of talented and diverse individuals ECAASU brings together.

In his spare time, Venkat is an avid NY Mets fan and tennis player, and enjoys playing chess, which he grew up playing competitively.

Venkat Kausik Portrait

Jackie Ho

PR-Marketing Co-Chair

Jackie Ho Portrait
Jackie Ho Headshot

Hailing from peachy San Jose, California, Jackie Ho is currently a junior at Columbia University, majoring in Economics-Math with a concentration in Computer Science.

Beyond serving as the ECAASU Board’s lead designer and PR/Marketing Co-Chair, she serves as the Vice President (Columbia College/School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) of the Chinese Students Club and is also the Vice President of the ever-so-sexy Columbia Wushu (Chinese Martial Arts). Outside of Columbia, she has a strong interest in tech startups and the New York tech scene. She currently serves as the New York based photographer for ALIST Magazine (, a non-profit quarterly magazine funded by NAAAP which features Asian American leadership and excellence.

Jackie also enjoys rapping and singing and would be delighted if you visited her blog ( to view her work. Most of all, she's definitely looking forward to meeting you all in late February!

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About Program Logistics Sponsors

Trailblazer Award

Voting for the 2013 ECAASU Trailblazer Award Presented by Zhang Financial is now live! It will close February 8th! Read the bios and choose the candidate you feel is a trailblazer in his or her community!

For more information: Trailblazer Award Candidates

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Session 1:

Entrepreneurship Case Study: on Battling Craigslist and Monetizing Online Economies - Lee Lin and Lawrence (Li) Zhou (Co-Founders) & Lei Lei and Vivian Li (Business Development & Marketing)
As[I]Am - Jordan Alam
Asian American Masculinities: Strategies, Perspectives, and Thoughtful Contestations on College Campuses - Jeffrey T. Yamashita (University of California, Berkeley)
Asian Americans Sex & Sexuality - Calvin Sun (ECAASU)
Be Loud! Be Proud! Be Genki! Japanese Taiko Drumming - The Genki Spark
From Cleveland to Kenya and Cambodia: Cultural experiences of an Asian American in Health Service - Yevin Roh
From Twinkies meet AzN PrYDe: Identity Development within Our Community - Patricia Chau Nguyen, Assistant Dean of Students/Director + Megha Cherian, Intern + Michael Shen, Intern (Asian & Asian American Center, Cornell University)
Glee: Don't Start Believing in Colorblindness — Examining Asian Americans in the Media - ECAASU (East Coast Asian American Student Union)
Affirmative Action: The Controversy of Race-Based Admissions - Nicole Fink (ECAASU)
Identity is not a Math Equation: Multiracial, Multiethnic, and Mixed Identity - Christine Munteanu (JACL)
kNOw Self, kNOw Worth - Leah M. Villanueva, Director of Asian Pacific Islander American Affairs (University of Florida)
Dr. King and Malcolm X: Ideologies in the Evolving War on Racism - Christopher Tam (ECAASU National Board)
Realizing the American DREAM - Jeffrey Louie, Neriel David Ponce, Hong-Mei Pang (Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund [AALDEF])
We Are Danny Chen - OCA-NY
The Yellow Brick Road: Asian American Greek Life and the American Dream - William Xu (National APIA Panhellenic Association); Melissa Yee & Jennifer Yu (alpha Kappa Delta Phi Inc.)
Connecting – Power On - Khanh Vu (Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers = SASE)
Get Engaged with the White House Initiative on AAPIs - Jason Tengco (WHIAAPI)

Session 2:

Breaking the Cycle: Domestic Violence, Gender Equality, and Healthy Relationsh?ips - Sigma Psi Zeta Sorority, Inc.
A Response to Hate: Confronting Anti-Asian Sentiment - Japanese American Citizens League (JACL)
How Far Have We Come?: From the Third World Liberation Front to Asian American Studies Now - Diane Wong (ECAASU National)
Beyond Access: An Introduction to Disability Justice What is Disability Justice? - Mia Mingus
Clash of the Corporate Politics - Vincent Yee
Digit.iLL.Funk - iLL-Literacy
Gender Discrimination: Issues Pertinent to South Asian Youth - Sakhi for South Asian Women
Kawaii Iconography: the Racial Dynamics of Cuteness - Faith Villanueva
No Justice, No Peace! No Biased Police! A Mini-Documentary Screening and Know Your Rights Training - CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities
"Where are you really from?": Microaggressions in Asian America - The Microaggressions Project
Queer Asian/Asian American Pacific Islander Youth Town Hall - Gay Asian Pacific Islander Men of New York (GAPIMNY) + ECAASU Board of Directors
Responding to Xenophobia: From the KKK to Oak Creek - Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund (SALDEF)
"Self-Segregation or Capacity for Diversity?": Challenges and Opportunities of a Pan-Asian Organization - Patricia Chau Nguyen, Assistant Dean of Students + Danny Qiao, Intern + Victoria Cecilio, Intern (Asian & Asian American Center, Cornell University)
From Tenements to Nail Salons: Asian Americans and Environmental Justice - Jenny Li (Chinatown Youth Initiatives [CYI])
Unshaken: (Re)capturing Asian American Progress - Johnny Thach
Responding to Fisher v. Texas: AAPI Youth Voices and the Affirmative Action Debate - Mark Ro Beyersdorf, Educational Equity Program, Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (AALDEF)

Session 3:

CampusBuiLLD: A National Forum - iLL-Literacy
Deconstruction of Myths of North Korea - Nodutdol/KEEP-D 2013
Fighting Human Trafficking and Protecting API Women and Girls - Kappa Phi Lambda Sorority, Inc.
The Whole is Greater than the Sum of its Parts: Why is Intersectionality Important when Building Coalitions? - Belle Yan
Career Strategies from Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling - Jane Hyun (Leadership Coach, President Hyun & Associates, and Author: Breaking the Bamboo Ceiling)
Going Beyond Doctors, Lawyers, Investment Bankers, and Engineers: Asian Americans and Public Interest Careers - Valerie Chow and Amy Chen
Know Your Rights! - Creating Law Enforcement Accountability and Responsibility (CLEAR)
Mobilizing AAPI's, Gangnam Style - Olivia Chow, Rohan Grover, Deepa Kunapuli, Camden Lee, Vincent Villano
Pride Starts at Home: Building Support and Visibility for AAPI Families with LGBTQ Children - Mark Ro Beyersdorf (Dari Project) + Dennis Chin (Asian Pride Project) + Clara Yoon (API PFLAG-NYC)
Taboo: Mental Health in the Asian American Community - Kristen Lu & Jordan Alam (AAA)
The Model Minority Myth and the Visible Implications in the U.S. Army - Asian Pacific Awareness Club at West Point
U.S. "Pivot" to Asia-Pacific: A Welcome Development? - NAKA-NY Chapter
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Norman Mineta

Norman Mineta Portrait Wikipedia entry:

As Secretary of Transportation under President George W. Bush and Secretary of Commerce under President Bill Clinton, Norman Mineta became the first Asian American to serve in the U.S. Cabinet. He was also the first Asian American mayor of a major U.S. city, being elected in San Jose in 1971.

Current Position: Secretary Norman Y. Mineta provides counsel and strategic advice to Hill+Knowlton Strategies’ clients on a wide range of business and political issues. Mineta is well known for his work in the areas of transportation – including aviation, surface transportation, and infrastructure – and national security. He is recognized for his accomplishments in economic development, science and technology policy, foreign and domestic trade, budgetary issues and civil rights.

History: Mineta’s career in public service has been both distinguished and unique. For almost thirty years, Mineta represented San Jose, Calif., first on the City Council, as mayor, and then as a Member of Congress. Throughout that time, Mineta was an advocate of the burgeoning technology industry where he worked to encourage new industries and spur job growth, and he supported the development of the infrastructure to accommodate the industry and its tremendous growth.

Mineta served as the chairman of the House Transportation and Public Works Committee from 1992 to 1994 and chaired the Subcommittee on Aviation and the Subcommittee on Surface Transportation. He was the primary author of the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991. In 2000, Mineta was appointed by President Bill Clinton as the United States Secretary of Commerce where he was known for his work on technology issues, for achieving international cooperation and intergovernmental coordination on complex fisheries issues, and streamlining the patent and trademark process.

Mineta was appointed Secretary of Transportation by President George W. Bush, where he served until 2006. Following the horrific terrorist acts of September 11, 2001, Mineta guided the creation of the Transportation Security Administration – an agency with more than 65,000 employees – the largest mobilization of a new federal agency since World War II. Mineta was also a vice president of Lockheed Martin where he oversaw the first successful implementation of the EZ-Pass system in New York State.

Other Information: Recognized for his leadership, Mineta has received numerous awards including the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian honor in the United States – and the Wright Brothers Memorial Trophy, which is awarded for significant public service of enduring value to aviation in the United States. While in Congress, he was the co-founder of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus and Chair of the National Civil Aviation Review Commission in 1997.

Curtis Chin

Curtis Chin Portrait Curtis Chin is an award-winning writer and producer who has written for ABC, NBC, Fox, the Disney Channel and more. As a community activist, he co-founded the Asian American Writers Workshop and Asian Pacific Americans for Progress. He has won awards from the New York Foundation for the Arts, the National Endowment for the Arts, the San Diego Asian American Film Festival and was recently honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the Asian American Justice Center. His film, "Vincent Who?" has screened at almost 300 colleges and community groups in four countries and he is currently working on a new documentary on the SHSAT and the controversial admission policy to the specialized high schools in New York City.

Dilawar Syed

Dilawar Syed Portrait Commisioner, President's Advisory Commission on Asian Americans & Pacific Islanders
CEO Yonja Media Group

Dilawar is President and CEO of Yonja Media Group, a leading emerging markets social media company. Founded in 2003, Istanbul and Silicon Valley-based Yonja Media Group operates major social networking, recruiting, mobile and local commerce brands. Yonja Media Group is backed by Tiger Global Management.

Prior to joining Yonja Media, Dilawar was at Yahoo! where he was head of strategy and operations for Yahoo’s Platform Division. Earlier, Dilawar spent several years in leadership roles in the enterprise software industry. At SAP Dilawar launched the company’s customer relationship management solution; and at Siebel Systems Dilawar grew Siebel’s integration platform to a multi-million dollar business globally. Dilawar started his career at Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young in financial services, energy and communication industry practices.

Dilawar has played a leadership role in a broad range of civic efforts globally. In 2010, President Barack Obama appointed Dilawar to the President’s Advisory Commission on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders (AAPI). The Commission advises the President on public policy concerning the Asian American community including education, entrepreneurship, civil rights and environment. Dilawar chairs the Commission’s Economic Growth Committee and drives engagement with the AAPI entrepreneur community across the U.S. In his role as Commissioner, Dilawar has engaged entrepreneurs and small businesses on policy initiatives including access to capital, patent reform, open data and Health IT, skilled workers immigration and public-private partnerships. In 2008, Gov. Howard Dean appointed Dilawar National Co-Chair of the Democratic National Committee’s South Asian Leadership Council.

Dilawar is Board member of OPEN Silicon Valley, a South Asian American entrepreneurship non-profit. In 2009, Dilawar co-founded American Pakistan Foundation, a diaspora-led developmental organization, which, was launched by the Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. He advises Dosti, Atlantic Council’s initiative connecting aspiring entrepreneurs in South Asia. Dilawar was a member of U.S. State Department’s Global Entrepreneurship Delegation to Turkey in 2012.

Dilawar holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin.

Richard Lui

Richard Lui Portrait Richard Lui is an American journalist and dayside news anchor on MSNBC, where his focus is politics and social media. Lui anchors NBC's "Early Today" 4am PT. He is also a rotating news anchor for NBC's weekend Today show and contributes reports for NBC News Investigations Unit and NBC Weekend Nightly News.

Lui was previously a news anchor at CNN Worldwide, where he solo-anchored the 10am edition of Morning Express and led morning political reporting during the 2008 Presidential election as a show member of Morning Express with Robin Meade. He also anchored and reported for CNN Domestic and CNN International. When Lui joined CNN Headline News in 2007 he became the first Asian American male to anchor a daily, national cable news show in the U.S. Mediaite has ranked Lui #101 in News Buzz on its Power Grid Influence Index of TV Anchors / Hosts.

In addition to his political and journalism work, Lui spent 15 years in business with Fortune 500 and technology companies. This included work at Oliver Wyman and patenting and launching the first bank-centric payment system in a Citibank carve-out he founded with fellow University of Michigan MBA alumni.

Lui has been active in community leadership for 25 years in Africa, Asia, Middle East, and U.S. He leads pro bono strategy consulting teams and is a board member for non-profits in homeless and affordable housing. Lui speaks frequently, including events for the U.S. State Department, Harvard, and the Aspen Institute.

Lui graduated from UC Berkeley and earned an MBA from the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan.

Twitter: RichardLui

Mia Mingus

Mia Mingus 1 Mia Mingus 2 Mia Mingus is a queer, physically disabled woman of color, Korean transracial and transnational adoptee writer, organizer and community builder. She is currently working against child abuse at generationFIVE, was cofounder and Co-director of SPARK Reproductive Justice Now, and has received numerous awards for her activism including being one of the Advocate’s 40 under 40 in 2010 and one of the 30 most influential Asian Americans under 30 in 2009 by Angry Asian Man.

Bio adapted from the Leaving Evidence blog:

Check out for part of her speech in accepting the 2008 Creating Change Award by the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.

Twitter: miamingus

Gregory Cendana

Gregory Cendana 1 Gregory Cendana 2 Born in Guam, raised in Sacramento and a graduate of UCLA, Gregory is excited to be in Washington, DC pursuing his life’s passion for serving others & making this world a better place for everyone. He is the first openly gay and youngest ever-Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance (APALA), AFL-CIO. Prior, he served as President of the United States Student Association (USSA) where he was the first openly gay Asian American to be elected.

Gregory has a wealth of experience having served or currently serving on the boards of the National Council of Asian Pacific Americans, Asian Queers United for Action-DC, Jobs with Justice, and the Generational Alliance. He was appointed by DC Mayor Vincent Gray to serve on the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual & Transgender Advisory Commission. In 2009, he started a DC business called Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Consulting, a firm dedicated to support youth of color and LGBT youth leaders and organizations. He is also the founder and co-captain for SOULcial Justice, a dance team of the District’s movers and shakers.

Angry Asian Man named Gregory one of the 30 Most Influential Asian Americans Under 30 and the DC Spotlight called him the “Future of DC Politics.” He was awarded the Next Generation Award from Metro Weekly, which recognizes the accomplishments of LGBT activists, artists & leaders under the age of 30. The National Asian Pacific American Women's Forum presented him with the inaugural Fierce Ally recognition in 2011 and Pride at Work gave Gregory a Celebrating Solidarity Award for his efforts to organize at the intersections of many communities and issues.

Gregory is also a graduate of the Rockwood Leadership Institute, the Management Center's Managing to Change the World, the Midwest Academy’s Organizing for Social Change, Training for Change’s Training of Trainers and Wellstone Action's Political Training Program. In his spare time, Gregory enjoys singing karaoke, choreographing dances and trying new cooking recipes. Be a part of his journey by following him on twitter at @GregoryCendana.
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ECAASU Talent Show Competition

Open for a headlining performer at ECAASU 2013!

Every year, we invite prominent members of the Asian American community, such as Joseph Vincent, Poreotics, Dumbfoundead and Quest Crew, and this year, you will have the chance to open for our headlining performer!

The Competition:

  • Showcase a Talent: We're open to Singers, Dancers, Comedians, Spoken Word Artists, ANYTHING!
  • Number of People Per Performance: Solo or Group -- there’s no limit!
  • Prizes: Two Winners
    • The winner will perform as the opening act for one of our performers (TBA)
    • One free ticket (registration fee) to ECAASU 2013 Conference

Check out our Talent Competition Submissions!
The playlist of all our contestants is here:

YouTube likes will be counted up to January 27 at 8:00 PM EST.
The top five videos in terms of likes will be finalists, and the winner will be announced on February 8.

Jason Chen

Jason Chen Jason Chen is a bilingual Taiwanese-American singer based on Southern California. He has a musical background in violin and learned the instrument by ear. He began singing at the age of 17 – for the purpose of asking a girl to prom.”

Jason graduated from UCLA with a degree in Business Economics in 2010. During college, his dorm mates forced him to put clips of himself singing onto YouTube under his alias “miniachilles” derived from his favorite Greek God – Achilles, portrayed by Brad Pitt in the movie Troy. Jason now loves those dorm mates. He continued to post videos of popular cover songs and collaborations with his friends. He has now built his own studio and created a merchandise line for his brand “Music Never Sleeps.”

In 2011, he had the opportunity to perform in Italy, Spain, China, Canada, Australia, and Singapore. He was invited to perform on one of China’s most popular TV Shows “Day Day Up” with fellow singers Megan Nicole and Tiffany Alvord. He also released his first album, “Gravity” lead by the single “Best Friend,” which now has over 7 million views. He is currently working on his second full length English album and a Chinese mix tape 节省钱。”


Check out one of his original songs, "AutoTune":

Clara Chung

Clara C Having been a closet musician most of her life, Clara has only recently revealed her talent to the world. In a short period of time, she has won prestigious competitions such as Kollaboration 10, ISA 09: Los Angeles and the KAC Media Creative Juice Night.

Clara has just begun to capture the hearts and minds of the music community worldwide. Her quirky charm, creative ideas, unlimited instrumental and vocal talent has allowed people to see Clara as the next big singer/songwriter. Clara’s music can best be described as a synergy of folk/pop/rock sound that when blended together creates a unique experience.

She has performed at renowned venues such as The White House Dept. of Education, Hollywood Bowl, Shrine Auditorium and more where she performed for crowds of up to 18,000 people. Clara’s debut album was released on September 24th, 2010 to a sold out crowd at the Hotel Cafe venue. Look for Clara as she tours throughout the year promoting her debut album, The Art in My Heart.


Check out her most recent cover, "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore:

David So

David So When you think of the words funny, shocking, foodie. Hopefully the name David So comes to mind. Starting off as a local stand-up comedian from the city of Sacramento, David has performed at various comedy clubs and venues throughout California since 2008. David is most recognized for his work on his YouTube Channel DavidSoComedy, uploading vlogs and skits. David also is a talented singer/songwriter where he post original music and covers on his YouTube Channel DavidSoMusic. In the words of David So... LGI SON!


Check out his spoof of Wong Fu Productions' "The Last" titled "The Last Resort":

Taiyo Na & Magnetic North

Taiyo & Magnetic Taiyo Na and Magnetic North [(]comprised of emcees Direct and Theresa Vu (T-Vu)] came together in 2010 & 2011 to release the hip-hop albums Home:Word & Home:Word [Deluxe Edition]. The title track off those albums was released as a single in Japan in March 2011 and hit #2 on their iTunes Hip-Hop charts, while the latter album hit #3 on their charts. MTV Iggy has heralded the music video “Lovely To Me (Immigrant Mother)” by Taiyo Na “the realest thing seen in a while,” while Magnetic North’s mix of refreshingly honest rhymes and organic beats has since become their trademark as they went on to rock stages and move hearts at hundreds of venues across the nation.

Check out their Bandcamp here:

Check out their music video for “Home:Word”, directed by Wong Fu Productions:


illliteracy iLL-Literacy is a music and spoken word group dedicated to re-imagining art to maximize human potential. They have toured and taught for the past ten years, and have been featured on HBO, MTV, and stages throughout the US, Europe & Asia. Recently they launched CampusBuiLLd, a series of university-based festivals that empower student leaders by merging activism with creativity.


Check them out:

Ellen Kim

Ellen Kim Ellen Kim, a California native, was born in Los Angeles and raised in San Francisco. After dancing for thirteen years in the SF Bay Area, she made the decision to move to LA to continue her career as a dancer and choreographer. As a choreographer, teacher and dancer, Ellen Kim has been blessed to share her passion for dance with people from all parts of the world, traveling to cities throughout the Bay Area, the East Coast, Australia, UK, Germany, Norway, Indonesia, China, Costa Rica, and Korea. She has choreographed for musical artists in Indonesia and Korea, such as the K-Pop group, 2NE1, and has danced with artists such as Beyonce, Amerie, LL Cool J, Snoop Dog, and STOMP. Most recently, she has worked with Pharrell Williams and choreographed for an up-and-coming musical artist, Maxine.

Youtube Channel:

Check out her fierce choreography to 2NE1’s I Am the Best:

Aye Hasegawa

Aye Hasegawa Aye Hasegawa was born in San Francisco CA and grew up in Japan. She is currently a dancer in the group Boxcuttuhz and is signed with Trio Talent Agency. She is not only an international performer and teacher, having taught in Columbia, Hong Kong, China and Japan, but she has also danced for many stars such as Toni Braxton, David Guetta, Estelle, Far East Movement, Cali Swag District and 100 Monkeys.

Youtube Channel:

Check out her dancing in Ellen Kim’s choreography to 2NE1’s I Am the Best:

Funkanometry NYC

Funkanometry Funkanometry NY Dance Company is the east coast branch of Funkanometry Dance Company, the award winning 501(c)(3) non-profit performance arts organization. Through performances, company classes, and youth mentorship, Funkanometry is a dynamically different dance company that entertains, unites, and educates through their love of dance. The “FUNKS” mission is to cultivate a diverse community of leaders by providing youth and young adults with high quality dance training and innovative artistic performances. Funkanometry NY hopes to continue this legacy by being an impactful, positive member of the east coast dance community.


Follow us on Twitter and Instagram @FunkanometryNY and LIKE us at
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Social Mixers

Casual Mixers

Friday, February 22, 2013
4:00PM - 7:00PM

West and East Lerner Ramp Lounges
Lerner Hall
Columbia University
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10016

Kick off your ECAASU 2013 Conference weekend by meeting other conference attendees before the Opening Ceremony! Refreshments and light snacks will be provided.


Saturday, February 23, 2013
8:00PM - 10:00PM

Midtown Loft & Terrace
267 Fifth Avenue
(Between 29th and 30th Street)
New York, NY 10016

Website: ML&T Virtual Tour: Here

Celebrate the end of a full day of workshops with ECAASU's annual Gala! Get dressed up and meet old and new friends. Exercise your last sobering chance to impress that special someone and say your goodbyes at Midtown Loft & Terrace -- an upscale venue in the heart of New York City in Midtown Manhattan, offering distinctly elegant spaces for joyous occasions such as weddings and ECAASU galas.

Catering will be done by the world-famous and iconic Zabar’s so come hungry! We will also be having performance by Columbia’s premier cello ensemble, String Theory, and incredible all-male a cappella group, Sharp.

IMPORTANT: Admittance into the Gala is based on a limited number of tickets. Tickets were reserved online prior to the conference and will be raffled off during the conference as well.

Directions using public transportation:
From Columbia University (116th Street Station) or from the Hudson Hotel (Columbus Circle -- 59th Street Station) on the 1 train:
1. Take the DOWNTOWN 1 train to 42nd Street – Times Square
2. Get off the train (but don’t leave the station!) and follow the signs to the Brooklyn-bound N or R train.
3. Take either the N or R train 2 stops to 28th Street.
4. Exit the station
5. Walk one block north to 29th street, and walk one block east to 5th Avenue

The Official ECAASU 2013 Conference Afterparty at LQ Nightclub

Saturday, February 23, 2013
10:30PM - 4:00AM

LQ Nightclub
511 Lexington Ave
(Between 47th and 48th Street)
New York, NY 10017

Close off the ECAASU 2013 Conference weekend with the official ECAASU afterparty at one of the hottest nightclubs in New York City! Dance the night away with your friends and other ECAASU attendees.

LQ Nightclub is the premier location for the New York City nightlife experience. It is the spot where celebrities have chosen to hold their most lavish events, such as:

▷ Heidi Klum’s Halloween extravaganza
▷ Pitbull’s 1st Record release Party
▷ Afterparty for Saturday Night Live hosted by Janet Jackson
▷ Steve Madden's and JaRule’s Birthday Party
▷ Members of the New York Giants, Sara Jessica Parker, Michael Douglas, Donald Trump and the cast of the Apprentice, the Cast of ER and more!

Free Photobooth!
Music by DJ Goose

▷ 18+ to Party and 21+ to Drink
▷ State ID/Passport are required
▷ Coat check will be available

Before 12AM:
▷ $10 – ECAASU Conference Attendees who attended all 3 workshop tracts and Columbia Volunteers
▷ $15 – All ECAASU Conference Attendees
▷ $20 – Everyone
After 12AM
▷ $20 – Everyone

Cash only
ATM will be available at LQ

▷ 2 For $500 for Grey Goose/Johnnie Walker Black/Belvedere/Ciroc/Ketel One
▷ 2 For $400 for Absolut/Bacardi/Dewars/Jack Daniels
▷ 2 For $300 for Korbel Brut Rose

Limited amount of tables
Advanced group bottle service highly recommended

▷ Guys: Professional/Clean Cut Attire. Button-ups and Fitted Pants are Recommended.
▷ Girls: Sexy/Chic Attire. Dresses and Heels are Recommended.
▷ No Baggy Jeans, No Tees, No Hats, No Hoodies, No Shorts, No sneakers

▷ LQ Nightclub reserves the right to deny entry to anyone
▷ ECAASU 2013 Conference Board reserves the right to deny entry to anyone

Directions using public transportation:
From Midtown Loft & Terrace:
1. Walk east 1 block to Madison Avenue
2. Continue walking east 1 more block to Park Avenue
3. Continue walking east 1 more block until you hit Lexington Avenue
4. Walk south 1 block to 28th Street
5. Enter the UPTOWN 6 subway station on 28th Street & Lexington Avenue
6. Take the 6 train up 2 stops until 42nd street – Grand Central Station
7. Get out of the station
8. Walk north 5.5 blocks along Lexington Avenue until you reach LQ NYC


Bond @ Bann
The Official ECAASU 2013 Conference LGBTQ Afterparty

Saturday, February 23, 2013
10:00PM - 3:00AM

350 West 50th Street
(Between 8th and 9th Avenues)
New York, NY 10019
*5 minute walk from the Hudson Hotel*

Not a huge fan of all the heteronormativity at nightclubs? ECAASU 2013 is proud to present the first ever Asian LGBTQ afterparty! Come mingle with LGBTQ folks and allies travelling from across the country or with the locals at NYC's hottest Gay Asian bar. For conference attendees, drink specials and VIP room are provided. Cute bartenders (Jake Choi) are an added plus.

Your afterparty purchase gains you entry to both parties. Just request a stamp. Feel free to drop by both parties throughout the night - they are both on the E Subway train!

The Gala

Saturday, February 23, 2013
8:00PM - 10:00PM
Midtown Loft & Terrace

Celebrate the end of a full day of workshops with ECAASU's annual Gala! Get dressed up in semi-formal attire and meet old and new friends. There will be great performances and Hors d'oeuvres will be served.

The Afterparty

Saturday, February 23, 2013
Starts at 10:30PM

Close off the ECAASU 2013 weekend with the afterparty! Dance the night away with your friends and other ECAASU attendees.

Club attire. No sneakers or shorts. Dress code will be strictly enforced.

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Become an ECAASU Sponsor

Sponsorship Opportunities

ECAASU Platinum Sponsor ECAASU Gold Sponsor ECAASU Silver Sponsor ECAASU Bronze Sponsor
Monetary Level $10,000+ $5,000+ $3,000+ $1,500+
Tax-Deductible Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Year-round Benefits Pending Pending Pending Pending
Logo Placement on all National Digests Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Invitation to Send Delegates to Select Events Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Banners and Text on ECAASU Websites Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Access to student submitted resumes Checkmark Checkmark
Conference Benefits
Logo Placement on all Online and Offline ECAASU 2013 Conference Promotional Materials Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark Checkmark
Ad in the Program Full Page Full Page Half Page Quarter Page
Full Access Passes 3 2 - -
Banners and Verbal Recognition Checkmark - - -
Workshop Recognition All Choice of 2 - -
Individual Networking Event Checkmark - - -

Additonal Sponsorship Opportunities

Conference Packet Advertisements
  • - Full Page Ad - $1000
  • - Half Page Ad - $700
  • - Quarter Page Ad - $400
  • - Mention on Sponsors Website Page - $600

In-Kind Donations
  • - Conference bags, customized t-shirts, office supplies, folders, printing costs (brochures, flyers, programs, tickets), name tags and labels, banners
  • - Opportunities Fair: each table will be $800 ($150 for non-profits)
Initiative-Specific Opportunities
  • - Full Page Ad - $1000
  • - Title Sponsor for the Artist Tour
  • - Title Sponsor for the Campus Tour
  • - Title Sponsor for the Voter Registration

Contact Information

ECAASU provides access to a unique group of diverse college students across the nation. By forming a partnership with sponsors, we hope to expand our university network while simultaneously bringing your organization into the community. If your organization is interested in sponsoring ECAASU, please do not hesitate to contact us.

(ECAASU 2013 conference website)

Contact Persons
June Kao, National Board |
Melinda Wang, National Board |
Andrew Yu, Conference Board |

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Featured ECAASU Sponsors and Donors

Sponsor Image

Donor Image

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Dining in Morningside Heights

Please note that the following information is for restaurants, eateries, grocery shops, etc. in the nearby area. Information on ECAASU's food sponsors and provided meal(s) will released at a later date.

On Campus

  • Brownie’s Café (basement between Avery and Fayerweather): An easy run downstairs from the grad lounge, Brownie’s serves sandwiches, soups, and a variety of hot and cold prepared foods. Open Monday-Friday.
  • Joe (Northwest Corner Building): Some swear by the coffee from this Manhattan-based coffeehouse chain, but the floor-to-ceiling windows onto West 120th Street and Broadway are really what take the cake.
  • Brad’s Café (Journalism School): Similar to Brownie’s in serving sandwiches and salads, Brad’s advantage is its sunlit seating area in a glass-covered pavilion.

Out on the Town

  • There are several supermarkets within walking distance of Columbia campus, including Morton Williams (W. 115th) and West Side Market (W. 110th) on Broadway.

  • Bagels:
    • Absolute Bagels, Broadway between W. 107th and W.
    • Nussbaum & Wu, W. 112th and Broadway
  • Brunches:
    • Kitchenette Uptown, W. 123rd and Amsterdam
    • Community Food & Juice, W 113rd and Broadway
  • Bakeries and cafes:
    • Artopolis Café, W. 114th and Amsterdam
    • Hungarian Pastry Shop, W. 111th and Amsterdam
    • Max Café, W. 122nd and Amsterdam
    • Silver Moon Bakery, W. 105th and Broadway
  • Diners:
    • Westway Café, W. 108th and Broadway
    • Tom’s Restaurant, W. 112th and Broadway
  • Lunch Specials and Inexpensive Eats:
    • Ajanta Indian Restaurant, 121st and Amsterdam
    • Amir’s Falafel, W. 114th and Broadway
    • Cascabel Taqueria, W. 108th and Broadway
    • Havana Central, Broadway between W. 113th and W.114th
    • Jin Ramen, Broadway between Tiemann Pl. and W. 125th
    • Mel’s Burger, W. 111th and Broadway
    • Sura Thai, W. 101st and Broadway
    • Taqueria Y Fonda, Amsterdam between W. 108th and W. 107th
    • Thai Market, Amsterdam between W. 108th and W. 107th
  • Sandwiches, Salads, and Pizza:
    • Apple Tree Deli, W. 120th and Amsterdam
    • Che Bella Pizza, Amsterdam between W. 120th and W. 121st
    • Hamilton Deli, 116th and Amsterdam
    • Koronet Pizza, Broadway between W. 110th and W. 111st
    • Panino Sportivo Roma, Amsterdam between W.120th and W. 121st
    • Sezz Medi’, W. 122nd and Amsterdam
    • SubsConscious, Amsterdam between W. 119th and W. 120th
    • V & T Restaurant, Amsterdam between W. 110th and W. 111th
  • Finer dining:
    • A Café, W. 108th and Columbus – French Caribbean
    • Bistro Ten 18, W. 11oth and Amsterdam – New American
    • Il Cibreo, Broadway between W. 112th and W. 113th – Italian
    • Community Food & Juice, W. 113th and Broadway – New American
    • Le Monde, Broadway between W 112th and W. 113th – French
    • Max SoHa, W. 123rd and Amsterdam – Italian
    • Pisticci, Claremont and La Salle- Italian
    • Vareli, Broadway between W.112th and 111th - Mediterranean
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Transportation for Columbia University

Columbia University

Columbia Map

(116th & Broadway - Broadway Gates; 116th & Amsterdam - Amsterdam Gates)

Lerner Hall
Columbia University
2920 Broadway
New York, NY 10027

Columbia Map

From Airport to Columbia

  • LaGuardia Airport

    • Option A: Bus ($2.25 In Coins Only)

      M60 is a direct link between the Columbia campus and LaGuardia Airport (note: longer travel time)


    • Option B: Taxi (~$25)

  • John F. Kennedy Airport

    • Option A: Taxi (~$45 flat rate + tolls)


    • Option B: AirTran ($5)

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

    • Option A: Newark Airport Express (bus): $16 one-way, $28 round-trip

      Departures occur every 15 minutes between 6:45 a.m. and 11:15 p.m. (and every 30 minutes outside that time interval)

      New York stops:

      - Grand Central Station (41st Street between Park and Lexington avenues)
      - Bryant Park (42nd Street and 5th Avenue)
      - Port Authority Bus Terminal (41st Street between 8th and 9th avenues)

      Boarding Locations at Newark Liberty Airport:

      - Terminal A (Located on the Arrival Level in Courtyard A, lanes 1-4)
      - Terminal B (Located outside the Arrivals Level, lane 2)
      - Terminal C (Located outside the Arrival Level at bus stop 5 & 6)

    • Option B: Newark Liberty Taxi to NYC (destination between W 97th St. - W. 185th St.): $65 (w/o tolls, tips)

      - Weekday rush hours (6 - 9 am, 4 -7 pm) and weekends (12 - 8 pm), $5 surcharge

    • Option C: AirTran Newark: Airport to Amtrak and New Jersey Transit

      - From NYC's Penn Station, take Amtrak or New Jersey Transit to Newark Liberty International Airport Station and connect to the AirTrain.

Bus Lines into NYC

Boltbus (from Boston, Philadelphia, Newark, etc): Homepage

Bolt Bus

Megabus: Homepage


Peter Pan (Northeast): Homepage

Peter Pan

Fung Wah Bus (New York - Boston): Homepage


Using NYC Public Transit


5 bus lines -- M4, M5, M11, M60, M104 -- and 1 subway line (the "1" local) serve the Columbia neighborhood. The Columbia stop for the buses and the subway is 116th Street.

Bus Note:

Trains to New York arrive at Grand Central Station or Pennsylvania Station; buses stop at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. Visitors arriving at these stations can take either public transportation or a taxi north (uptown) to the campus.

Subway Note:

1 Train

The "1" line is local; the "2" and "3" lines are express.

3 Train

*The advantage of taking the "2" and "3" are that they shorten travel time (do not make as many stops as the "1"). However, when coming uptown on the "2" or "3" (i.e. from Penn Station (34th street) or Times Square (42nd Street)), you MUST get off at 96th street and transfer to the "1" in order to get back to Columbia. The "1" will stop at 116th street (Columbia University), while the "2" and "3" will not.
New York City Subway:Map of NYC MTA Subway System

Traveling by Car to NYC

By Car From the North

Take the New York Thruway (I-87) or the New England Thruway (I-95) south to the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) in the direction of the George Washington Bridge. Take the exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway south (last exit before the bridge). Exit the Parkway at West 125th Street. Merge onto Marginal Street (0.2 miles). Turn left onto 125th Street (0.2 miles). Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

Alternatively, take the Saw Mill River Parkway south to the Henry Hudson Parkway south. Cross the Henry Hudson Bridge ($3.00 cash toll) into Manhattan. Exit the Parkway at West 125th Street. Merge onto Marginal Street (0.2 miles). Turn left onto 125th Street (0.2 miles). Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From the South or West

Take the New Jersey Turnpike north or I-80 east to the George Washington Bridge ($8 cash toll heading into New York; westbound to New Jersey is always free). After crossing the bridge, take the exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway south. Exit the Parkway at 125th Street. Merge onto Marginal Street (0.2 miles). Turn left onto 125th Street (0.2 miles). Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 114th Street. Make U-turn and continue to 116th Street. University main gate is on right. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

Alternatively, drivers can enter New York City via the Lincoln Tunnel. Take I-280 north to I-95 north. From I-95, take Exit 16E toward the Lincoln Tunnel/NJ-3 ($8 cash toll heading into New York; westbound to New Jersey is always free). Keep left at the fork and merge onto NJ-495 east. Leaving the tunnel, take the exit toward 42 St./I-495 E/New York 9A; bear to the left and continue under the underpass onto Dyer Avenue. Turn left onto West 41st Street. Turn right onto 12th Avenue, the Henry Hudson Parkway. From the Parkway, take the West 96th Street exit. Merge onto 96th Street and turn left onto Broadway. Continue to West 116th Street. University main gate is on right. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From Southern Manhattan or Brooklyn

Take the Henry Hudson Parkway (Route 9A) north. Exit the Parkway at 125th Street. Turn right onto 125th Street. Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From Long Island

Take the Long Island Expressway or the Grand Central Parkway west to the Triborough/RFK Bridge ($5.50 cash toll), to Manhattan. Follow 125th Street westward 12 blocks to Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure. Turn left onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From the New York Area Airports

From LaGuardia: Take the Grand Central Parkway west to the Triborough/RFK Bridge ($5.50 cash toll), to Manhattan. Follow 125th Street westward 12 blocks to Broadway. Turn left onto Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

From John F. Kennedy: Take the Van Wyck Expressway (I-678) northeast to the Grand Central Parkway (Exit 10) toward La Guardia Airport and the Triborough/RFK Bridge. Cross the bridge ($5.50 cash toll) into Manhattan. Follow 125th Street westward 12 blocks to Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure. Turn left onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

From Newark: Follow directions under By Car From the South or West (above)

The Hudson Hotel

The Hudson
356 West 58th Street
New York, NY

Hudson Front

Website: Main Site

From Airports to the Hudson

  • LaGuardia Airport

    • Option A: Private car: Call +1(212)554-6000 to make arrangements
    • Option B: Taxi (~$40 excluding tolls/tip)
    • Option C: Shuttle Service: SuperShuttle and Airlink (shared ride vans); $15/person; travel time: 1.5 Hrs

      *Cannot make advanced reservations, but can find an agent at Ground Transportation at Airport

  • John F. Kennedy Airport

    • Option A: Private car: Call +1(212)554-6000 to make arrangements
    • Option B: Taxi (~$45 excluding tolls/tip)
    • Option C: Shuttle Service: SuperShuttle and Airlink (shared ride vans); $17/person; travel time: 1.5 Hrs

      *Cannot make advanced reservations, but can find an agent at Ground Transportation at Airport

    • Option D: Airtrain from JFK to Sutphin Boulevard in Queens. Transfer to "E train towards Manhattan." Exit at "53rd street at 7th Avenue." Transfer to "B train - uptown" to Columbus Circle).

      *NOT recommended if you have a lot of luggage; $2.25; travel time: 1.5~2hrs

  • Newark Liberty International Airport

    • Option A: Private car: Call +1(212)554-6000 to make arrangements
    • Option B: Taxi (~$65 excluding tolls/tip)
    • Option C: Shuttle Service: SuperShuttle and Airlink (shared ride vans); $17~19/person; travel time: 1.5 Hrs

      *Cannot make advanced reservations, but can find an agent at Ground Transportation at Airport

    • Option D: PATH train into Penn Station (33rd Street); $2/ride

      *NOT recommended if you have a lot of luggage

Traveling by Car to the Hudson

By Car From George Washington Bridge/Northern New Jersey:

Take the New York Thruway (I-87) or the New England Thruway (I-95) south to the Cross Bronx Expressway (I-95) in the direction of the George Washington Bridge. Take the exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway south (last exit before the bridge). Exit the Parkway at West 125th Street. Merge onto Marginal Street (0.2 miles). Turn left onto 125th Street (0.2 miles). Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From Southern New Jersey/Philadelphia:

Take the New Jersey Turnpike north or I-80 east to the George Washington Bridge ($8 cash toll heading into New York; westbound to New Jersey is always free). After crossing the bridge, take the exit for the Henry Hudson Parkway south. Exit the Parkway at 125th Street. Merge onto Marginal Street (0.2 miles). Turn left onto 125th Street (0.2 miles). Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 114th Street. Make U-turn and continue to 116th Street. University main gate is on right. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

By Car From Long Island:

Take the Henry Hudson Parkway (Route 9A) north. Exit the Parkway at 125th Street. Turn right onto 125th Street. Turn right onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

*Valet Parking:

Take the Long Island Expressway or the Grand Central Parkway west to the Triborough/RFK Bridge ($5.50 cash toll), to Manhattan. Follow 125th Street westward 12 blocks to Broadway, which is under an elevated subway structure. Turn left onto Broadway and continue south to 116th Street. University main gate is on the left. The main gate is not open to vehicular traffic.

To and From Columbia by Subway

To: Take the 1 train from "59th Street- Columbus Circle station" Uptown/to Van Cortlandt Park to "116th St - Columbia University"

1 TrainColumbia Subway

*Make sure to take the Uptown Train; Travel time: ~25 minutes; $2.25/ride

From: Take the 1 train from "116th ST - Columbia University" Downtown/to South Ferry to "59th Street - Columbus Circle"

Subway Exit59th

Then, walk SW on 8th Avenue towards W 58th Street. Turn right onto W 58th Street.

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ECAASU is proud to sponsor the Hudson Hotel for our conference. Below is more information:

Urban adventure, daredevil design, and true affordability meet in Hudson, the ultimate lifestyle hotel for the 21st century. Located in midtown, just steps from Central Park, Columbus Circle and the theater district, Hudson is a brilliant reflection of the boldness and diversity of the city, while simultaneously representing the next generation of Cheap Chic – stylish, democratic, young at heart and utterly cool. Hudson’s main entrance features a classic Philippe Starck play on proportions—a small door leads into a neutral, low-slung foyer that functions brilliantly as a decompression chamber, transferring guests from the buzz of New York to the separate reality within. This interstitial zone contains a singular, intriguing element where a thirty-foot tunnel of vivid chartreuse-colored light pierces the room at an oblique angle. This luminous glass tunnel houses an escalator that transports you, both literally and figuratively, to a dream world that is both captivating and unforgettable.

Hotel registration is now open! Register now before the limited number of special ECAASU-affiliated rooms run out!

Register here: Hotel Registration

The special rates are as follows:
Standard Queen (1 Bed = 144-167 sq ft.): $119/night
Deluxe Double (2 Bed = 306-350 sq ft.): $199/night

Hudson Hotel Standard Queen       Hudson Hotel Deluxe Double

On-Campus Hosting

On campus hosting spots are no longer available. We thank you for your time.

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Columbia University Venues

Alfred Lerner Student Center

Alfred Lerner Hall

Alfred Lerner Hall is the student center or students' union of Columbia University. It is named for Al Lerner, who financed part of its construction. Situated on the university's historic Morningside Heights campus in New York City, the building, designed by deconstructivist architect Bernard Tschumi, then dean of Columbia's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, opened in 1999, replacing the previous student center, Ferris Booth Hall, which stood from 1960-1996.

Roone Arledge Auditorium

Roone Arledge

The premiere event space in Lerner Hall, Roone Arledge Auditorium is complete with a full stage, theatrical sound and lighting, Yamaha Concert Grand piano, sprung wooden floors and a flexible wall to adapt space to event needs. The auditorium can be entered from inside Lerner Hall or via Broadway. The Broadway entrance features a box office. The auditorium also has access to a green room. Additional balcony space is available via the Roone Arledge Cinema.

Roone Arledge Cinema

Roone Cinema

The Roone Arledge Cinema can be used in conjunction with the Auditorium or as separate event space. The Cinema has stadium seating, a 12' X 22' movie screen and an LCD projector. The cinema is dimly lit, perfectly suited to screen a movie or for a presentation.

Lerner Party Space

Lerner Party Space

The Party Space is designed for events and performances. It includes a permanent bar, DJ Booth, Yamaha Upright piano, built in sound and lighting system and cable television feed. There is a separate upstairs lounge, which can be used as event support space. The upper lounge is 13 x 20' and can accommodate 20 people.

Broadway Room

Lerner Broadway Room

This space has wood floors and windows overlooking Broadway. Good for panel discussions, breakout sessions, breakfasts, lunches, dinners, ceremonies, rehearsals, lectures or social events.

Satow Room

Lerner Satow Room

The Satow Room is a large, versatile space with windows overlooking campus and Lerner Hall's atrium. The room has a built in projection screen and is video conference compatible.

Low Memorial Library

Low Library

The Low Memorial Library is the administrative center of Columbia University. Built in 1895 by University President Seth Low in memory of his father, Abiel Abbot Low, and financed with $1 million of Low's own money due to the recalcitrance of university alumni, it is the focal point and most prominent building on the university's Morningside Heights campus. The steps leading to the library's columned facade are a popular meeting place for Columbia students as well as home to Daniel Chester French's sculpture, Alma Mater, a university symbol. Low Library was officially named a New York City landmark in 1967, then a National Historic Landmark twenty years later.

Low Memorial Rotunda

Low Library Rotunda

The Rotunda, capped by a granite dome 105.5 feet high, is the center of Low Memorial Library. Originally used as a reading room when the building served as a library, the Low Rotunda is now the setting for events of all scale. Select pieces from the Sackler Collection are on display here, representing Asian ceramic and metal art, as well as sculpture spanning the last 3,000 years.

Butler Library

Butler Library

The Nicholas Murray Butler Library, commonly known simply as Butler Library, is the largest single library in the Columbia University Library System, which contains over 9.3 million books, and is one of the largest buildings on the Morningside Heights campus of Columbia University. One of the more recognizable features of Butler Library's exterior is the l st of names that wrap around the building and these names were in fact hand-picked by President Nicholas Murray Butler when the building was designed. Butler Library remains at least partially open 24 hours a day during the academic year.

Hamilton Building

Hamilton Hall

An academic building and the headquarters of Columbia College, and as such holds the office of the College Dean, the Admissions Office and the office of the Core Curriculum. The building is named for Alexander Hamilton, one of the most famous attendees of King's College, Columbia's predecessor. A statue of Hamilton graces the steps outside the building.

The Diana Center

Diana Center

January 2010 saw the opening of Barnard's beautiful new nexus for intellectual, cultural, and social life: The Diana Center. With this construction, Barnard realized one of the largest, most important, and most ambitious projects in its history. Barnard alumnae, friends and trustees have contributed generously to build this new campus landmark, yet additional funds will always be needed to keep this a fitting tribute to Barnard's long tradition of innovation and excellence in liberal arts.

The Diana Center

Milbank Hall

Milbank Hall was the first building on Barnard's campus and originally contained classrooms, residences and a dining facility. Milbank remains an integral part of the campus and houses the College's main administrative offices, including the President's and Provost's Offices, Admissions, Financial Aid, Registrar and the Bursar. A climate controlled, 2,500-square-foot greenhouse is located on the roof of Milbank Hall. The greenhouse contains specimens from over 45 plant families and provides research subjects for courses ranging from molecular biology to ecology.

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Within, Across, Beyond

Participating Institutions

American University
Amherst College
Atlantic Cape Community College
Barnard College
Baruch College
Binghamton University Boston University
Brown University
Bryn Mawr College
California State University Northridge
Carnegie Mellon University
Case Western Reserve University
Colby College
Columbia University
Cornell University
Dartmouth College
Davidson College
Drexel University
Drexel University College of Medicine
Duke University
Fashion Institute of Technology
Florida State University
Fordham University
Fordham University at Lincoln Center
Franklin & Marshall College
George Washington University
Georgetown University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Gettysburg College
Harvard University
Hopewell Valley Central High School
Hunter College
Hunter College School of Social Work
Ithaca College
James Madison University
Lehigh University
Loyola University Maryland
Martin Luther High School
Messiah College
Montgomery College
Mount Holyoke College
New England Law Boston
New York University
Ohio State University
Old Dominion University
Pace University
Penn State University
Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Princeton University
Ramapo College of New Jersey
Rice University
Richard Stockton College of New Jersey
Rochester Institute of Technology
Rowan University
Rutgers University
Rutgers University Graduate School of Education
Saint Edwards University
Saint Johns University
Salem State University
Shippensburg University
Smith College
Stonehill College
SUNY New Paltz
SUNY Stony Brook
Swarthmore College
Syracuse University
Temple University
The City College of New York
Towson University
University of California, Merced
University of Massachusetts Lowell
University at Albany
University of Chicago
University of Connecticut
University of Florida
University of Illinois at Chicago
University of Kansas
University of Maine Orono
University of Maryland, College Park
University of Massachusetts Boston
University of New Hampshire
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
University of North Carolina at Charlotte
University of Pennsylvania
University of Pittsburgh
University of Rhode Island
University of Richmond
University of Vermont
University of Virginia
United States Military Academy at West Point
Vassar College
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Tech
Washington and Lee University
Wellesley College
Wesleyan University
Williams College
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Yale University


Have you heard about KASCON? After you attend ECAASU, the Korean American Students Conference is being held at Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design campuses in March 22-24, 2013! Their website is and you should check it out! Full blurb below:

The Korean American Students Conference (KASCON) is the largest and oldest student-run ethnic-specific conference. Held annually across different schools and regions, KASCON aims to inspire Korean American students to become leaders of their community by showcasing prominent Korean American figures in a variety of different fields and encourage discussion and reflection on issues pertinent in our community.

The goal of KASCON 26: BREAK! is to ultimately encourage us to be our own architects in constructing our journey and to make our own decisions for today, tomorrow, and our personal and communal futures. KASCON 26 will serve as a medium for students to push the boundaries of being a typical Korean American and break out of that mold. We want to encourage participants to envision their own definitions of identity and society. Only then can our generation break out of our comfort zones – the protective glass bubbles built by our parents and grandparents before us and strengthened by our collective contentment.

In addition to the seminars, we have Kollaboration which began as an arts and entertainment nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting positive and accurate perceptions of Asians and Pacific Islanders by providing a platform for young artists to showcase their talents. Founded in 2000 by Paul PK Kim, Kollaboration began with a single show in Los Angeles and now produces 15 shows across 14 cities in North America. Moreover, there will be many social events that will allow students to interact and socialize, creating a bigger network across the country.

You can like their page on Facebook as well for updates!

Season of Cambodia

Season of Cambodia

Season of Cambodia will bring more than 125 artists from Cambodia to New York City for a major celebration of Cambodian arts, culture, and humanities. Distinctive works from master and emerging artists and scholars—in ritual, music, visual art, performance, dance, shadow puppetry, film, and academic forums—will be presented by more than 30 of New York’s most renowned arts and educational institutions, marking an unprecedented city-wide initiative to celebrate one of the world’s most vibrant and evocative cultures.

The festival celebrates Cambodia’s artistic renaissance just one generation after the Khmer Rouge regime (1975-1979), a dark period in Cambodia’s history during which nearly 90% of the artists and intellectuals were tragically eliminated in an effort to devastate a flourishing artistic community.

Season of Cambodia serves as an international platform that not only highlights the extraordinary resilience of the Cambodian nation and its artists, but also helps pave the way for other post-conflict nations seeking renewal through artistic expression.

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Hudson Hotel Parking

Valet parking costs $55 for 24 hours. There are no in/out privileges. The cost will be billed to your hotel account and reservations are not necessary. There is an additional charge of $10 for oversized vehicles.

Parking Garages near the Hudson Hotel

Corporation Address Telephone Website (*** = Printable Coupon) Rates
345 W 58th St 910 Ninth Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10019

(entrance) 58th St btwn 8th Ave & 9th Ave (North Side)
(212)582-7110 Rates and Info
½ Hour - $10.00
1 Hour - $26.00
2 Hour - $30.00
10 Hour - $40.00
24 Hour - $55.00
Time Warner Center 10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY 10019 (800)836-6666 Info 1 Hour - $26.00
2 Hour - $30.00
8 Hour - $40.00
24 Hour - $55.00
Early Bird (Enter 8am to 10 am & Stay up to 12 Hours) - $24.90
1745 Broadway 1745 Broadway and West 56th Street, New York, NY 10019 (800)836-6666 Info
1 Hour - $26.00
2 Hour - $30.80
10 Hour - $39.10
24 Hour - $50.90
Early Hour (Enter 3am-10am Max 12 hrs) - $21.30
201 W 56th St 888 7th Ave, New York, NY 10019 (800)836-6666 Info
1 Hour - $25.00
2 Hour - $29.00
10 Hour - $35.00
24 Hour - $52.00
Super Early Bird (Enter from 4am-8am & Exit by 9pm)- $23.00
BMW Building 555 W 57th St, Manhattan, NY 10019 (800)836-6665 Info
1 Hour - $20.00
2 Hour - $23.00
10 Hour - $33.00
24 Hour - $42.00
Early Bird (Enter from 6am-10am any 10 hours) - $21.00
Simon Theatre 870-888 Eight Avenue, New York, NY 10019 (800)836-6666 Info 1 Hour - $14.20
2 Hour - $20.10
Sun, Mon, Tues, Fri up to 10 Hours - $45.00
Wed and Sat up to 10 hours - $42.00
24 Hour - $50.90
Early Bird (Enter 3am to 10am Exit by 6pm) - $21.00

Morningside Heights Parking

The following list of commercial garages in the Morningside Heights campus area is provided to assist you in your search for private garages within the Morningside Heights campus vicinity. Garages are listed from south to north.

Corporation Address Telephone Website (*** = Printable Coupon) Rates
Avalon Morningside Park Garage 401 West 110th Street (800)836-6666 Info
1 Hour - $15.00
2 Hour - $18.00
12 Hour - $20.00
24 Hour - $32.00
Early Bird (Enter before 9:30am Exit by 6pm) - $12.00
E & B OPERATING CORP. 137 West 108th Street between Amsterdam & Columbus Avenues (212)865-8315 Info $15.00 daily
HRF OPERATING 151 West 108th Street at Amsterdam Avenue (212)865-2314 Info $12.68 daily
West 108th Street Parking 234 West 108th Street between Broadway & Amsterdam Avenue (212)222-8800 Info 1 Hour - $5.90
1 Day - $20.25 (Open from 7 am to 2 am)
GGMC PARKING 512-520 West 112th Street between Broadway & Amsterdam Avenue (212)865-1754 Info Early Bird $16.90 + tax
Enter: Mon - Sun, 6AM to 9AM
Out by 7PM
PRO-PARK 114th Street between Broadway & Amsterdam Avenue (212)523-1051 N/A N/A
CLAREMONT PARKING CORP Claremont & West 120th Street (212) 870-6736 N/A N/A
GMC 603-11 West 129th Street Between 12th Avenue & Broadway (212)749-2548 Info N/A
MTP 635 West 131st Street between Broadway & Amsterdam Avenue (212)368-2579 N/A N/A
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Donate to the ECAASU 2013 Conference today!

All donations will be acknowledged by name in the ECAASU 2013 Program.

Thanks for your help!

Donate $10

Donate $25

Donate $50

Donate $75

Donate $100

Donate Custom Amount
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Meet and Greets

Meet and Greets

Meet David So, Clara C, or Jason Chen!
Win a chance to go backstage with David So, Clara C, or Jason Chen!
How to enter this raffle:
1. "Like" ECAASU 2013 at Columbia University on Facebook.
2. "Share" this photo. (Privacy setting for the post must be "Public", not "Friends", "Only Me", etc. in order for us to view it.)

6 lucky winners will be selected to go on private meet and greets with either David So, Jason Chen or Clara Chung!
Must be registered to win!

- Share both this photo and this video post to be entered twice!
- Hudson Hotel registrants through the website will be given one entry.

Hudson Hotel Alternative Night Stays

If you need or wish to stay at the Hudson Hotel for alternative nights than Friday and Saturday (2/22 + 2/23), please fill out this form: Hudson Hotel Alternate Nights

You will receive a personalized invoice for payment soon after.


More to be announced!

5 t-shirts signed by our main performers will be raffled away to hotel registrants (one per person)!

Travel Promos

The Intercollegiate Taiwanese American Students Assocation 2013 Conference has been generous enough to allow us to use their travel promo codes.

Check out the codes and their website here: Travel Discounts

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